4 Weeks to Go!

1 Month Today!

Yes – Heart of Stone is officially released in exactly one month’s time! (24th. October) I’ve got my first review, and the reader loved it!

Curiously, it IS available as a paperback already. Apparently, this is something that CreateSpace / Amazon “do”.

Life is getting busier and busier – book-wise. I spent yesterday in Birmingham at the latest Bloggers & Authors Shenanigans, organised by the frighteningly competent Kim Nash. These “dos” are always fun, if exhausting – and well done and thanks to Kim and to Holly Martin for organising it.

I have been selecting and joining all the big Book and Author Facebook groups, and started to post in them. NOT flooding them; there are some that have no restrictions on posting, but my natural diffidence and shyness prevent me from posting more than once per week. I don’t want to find myself posting so often people get tired or bored.

Coming up we have the RNA York Tea on Saturday, with about 80 guests congregating in York. We did it two years ago, and it was a rousing success. Let’s hope this one will be as well. I will be there with the camera!

I am also 25k words into the next book, I am busy trying to arrange a research trip to London for it. I need to spend time at the Public Record Office at Kew checking on the records for the Fleet Prison and the Kings Bench prison for the last twenty years of the 18th C. It’s actually difficult to find the requisite time!

In 3 weeks I am off to Newcastle for anther writers and readers get-together. A new crowd for me, and I’m looking forward to it. There WILL be photos 😊

On launch day, I’ve got an on-line Launch Party. There will be some give-aways, and it will be going on throughout the day. It’ll be fun, free and you can do it from the comfort of your armchair! AND you are all invited!

Away from the book, we had a wonderful holiday in the Lake District, with both our daughters, and DD1s partner. A super cottage and lots of time in pubs Pam and I were in 42 years ago. Some of them haven’t changed a bit.

Mr Snuffles and the rest of the hedgehogs keep us amused – as does Fantastic Mr Fox and Usain Mouse!









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