Getting Your Ducks in a Row

My recent FaceBook travails have kept me unbelievably busy. I didn’t lose too much data, but I did lose all “connections” like Friends and Likes.

They ARE all coming back bit by bit, but one of the problems is that previous friends don’t realise that we aren’t now. They think we are still friends so ignore the friend request. Eventually, word gets around, though. It is only time, and nobody died.

As part of the process I am tying up my Friday #ff list and checking that if someone is Following me on Twitter, then we are Friends on Facebook. It just means working through all the addresses on the #ff list and seeing if we are already friends – or WERE Friends on Facebook. I’m also Liking friends authors pages as I come across them.

Some people – particularly Book Bloggers – use Twitter only for their Blogging. Others use different names for their Twitter & Facebook accounts.

As an Author, I would strongly advise all of us to put ALL our Social Media links on their opening page if possible. Also for their Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. Call it “joined up thinking” and establishing your Brand.

The biggest pain is the time it all takes. Facebook do not like you making too many Friend requests at once – even if you were Friends before. They don’t like you Liking too many pages at the same time, either. Suddenly you will find yourself Blocked from posting or liking, and they will NEVER tell you how long this will last, or exactly why, OR what exactly their rules are! They do NOT make it easy.

The silliest was a couple of days ago when Facebook invited me to wish my friends with a birthday “Happy Birthday”. I’m sure you have all seen these invites before.

So I am going through the 6 or so Friends whose birthday it was, and then Facebook turns round and tells me I am posting too quickly! I find myself Blocked for another day.

Perhaps they should call it Anti-Social Media?

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