John’s Page of Links, for Writing Friends

Some Twitter Lists

John’s Twitter List of RNA Members

NOT an Official RNA List – just my gleanings over the last few years. If you feel you should be on it, let me know or add yourselves. All levels of RNA members welcome.


A Twitter List of Book Bloggers (UK Based (mainly))

Collected from various sources. Book Bloggers and Vloggers are a VITAL part of the industry – we NEED them! (and the ones I know are delightful people!)

If you want adding to the list, just let me know!


John’s Friday #ff Twitter List

This is a list of Writers, reviewers, bloggers, editors, cover designers, etc. In short, its people who are part of this mad world of writing and publishing.

There is NO distinction between conventional or indie authors. Everyone on this list is worth following, and everyone here also follows me.

It is MAINLY limited to UK based writers, etc. An #ff tweet with the new additions to the list goes out every Friday.

Direct Links to the Authors Profiles on the RNA Website

Author’s Profiles on the RNA Website: The latest batch.

Some important organisations. You should DEFINITLY belong to at least one!

The Romantic Novelists Association


The Society of Authors


The Alliance of Independent Authors


The Crime Writers Association


The Historical Novel Society


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