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Dear Readers and Friends,

A three year quest has reached fruition with the publication of “Heart of Stone”, my historical novel, based on the tragic lives of my 5 x Great Grandparents.

No misery-memoir, this! Two brothers, one with all the advantages of position, as Earl of Bellfield and later Earl of Belvedere, an MP and scion of an old and powerful family. The other brother, younger than him, but blessed with the personal qualities that this elder brother lacked.

Add a beautiful young girl, just sixteen, the belle of the Dublin season, pressured into marriage by her parents. Can any of them find happiness?

Heart of Stone takes the reader through the highs and lows of Ireland in the 1740s and after, through famine and plenty, through prison, jealousy, despair and beyond.

Join our players as their turbulent lives unfold.

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Published by www.crookedcatbooks.com, Heart of Stone will appeal to ALL lovers of historic fiction, from Robert Louis Stevenson to Georgette Heyer.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.


booksofallkinds rated it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

HEART OF STONE by John Jackson is a haunting tale of power, greed, and love set in Ireland in the early 18th Century.
A wonderful all-rounder when it comes to readers, HEART OF STONE by John Jackson is an emotional, historical novel about the desperate lengths that some will go to for power and others for love, and I highly recommend it.

Joanna Lambert rated it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Fabulous debut from John Jackson.

Gwessie Tee rated it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Utterly loved the book, fantastic read and loved it very much. I adore the story John tells; am also intrigued by what John may write next.



Gwessie’s Review

Source: Gwessie’s Review




Blurb :

Dublin, 1730

When young and beautiful Mary Molesworth is forced to marry Robert Rochford, widowed heir to the earldom of Belfield, she finds that her idea of love is not returned. Jealous, cruel and manipulative, Robert ignores her after she has provided him with a male heir, preferring to spend his nights with his mistress. Power-hungry, Robert builds up a reputation that sees him reach for the highest positions in Ireland.


Caught in an unhappy marriage, Mary begins to grow closer to Robert’s younger brother, Arthur. Acknowledging their love for each other, they will risk everything to be together. But Robert’s revenge threatens their lives and tears them apart.

Will Mary and Arthur find a way to escape Robert’s clutches?

Based on real events, Heart of Stone is a tale of power, jealousy, imprisonment, and love, set in 1740s Ireland.

Review :

Goodreads my rating 5*

Naughtiness 2*

Utterly loved the book, fantastic read and loved it very much, like most books I adore the story John tells am also intrigued by what John may write next.


As always I never give spoilers, that would be unfair to John and potential readers. What I can say is that the book has everything history, a roller coaster of emotion a hero and heroine you most definitely can connect with and I love it has a great page count. I am a greedy reader this was perfect length for me. ( though I know majority of the time it’s the publisher giving out strict word or page counts). I loved the twists and turns the passion, was very connected to our heroine from very early on to the point where I wanted to save her myself. I adore how Johns story played out and the connections to history.


All who love history, passion, intrigue and love will adore this book.


Thank you Lord John for writing this book and the honour of reading it x